Go to the hard way of the art world.

I am not only an artist but also a small collector.



Actually I have a small private collection.
Almost of all are photographs, other is paint...
The other day I bought an object for the first time.
When I had just started to make my work in darkroom,
I had a reason why that I want to get some good B&W print.
I went to "Tokyo Photo 2013" with big money for me in my hand.
I already decided to buy any photograph.
When that time I bought a photograph from a gallery.
It's the first collection for me.
The gallery is Camera Obscure from France.
After come back home, I hung the photograph on the wall of the entrance of my darkroom.
It made my mind huge exciting.
After that it became the reference of that it's a good B&W for me.
When I went to darkroom, I always looked the photograph.
Because I had a certain goal,
I was always able to hard work in the dark room.
When I had a first exhibition,
Some famous artist said me "You make good B&W".
He is Hiromi Tsuchida.
He is one of the most important artist in Japan.
When that time, I found the experience that I bought the photograph made me the correct way as an artist.
I keep to make my collection after that.
Now it has another mean.
I think it's good for my artist life to be involved the art market positively.
My collection give me many things.
It makes me to understand what I love.
It makes good relationship with the artists who I like.
It makes me to keep positive as an artist.
Few weeks ago, I made a shelf for my collection.
It was a great time for me.


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