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Few days ago, we had finished to join TAIWAN PHOTO 2017.
It was my first experience of join the fair.
TAIWAN PHOTO 2017 is one of the most important photo event in Taiwan.
Because we had a group exhibition in 1839 contemporary gallery, I got a chance to join the fair.
I have prepared many things about my works.
I had gone to Taiwan with " Máni" and  "AA+A" 
"AA+A" is my new work for exhibit.
Just 3 images but it's first exhibit of "AA+A" in the world.
Actually, I went to Taipei last week for shooting of " Máni" for Taiwan spetial edition.
I arrived at Taipei at midnight and I staied in only 9 hours.
First I searched the street lamps in the dark.
After sunrise, I had shoot " Máni" in 3 hours.
Then I came back to Japan.
And I developed the films and made prints in darkroom.
Finaly I came back to Taipei for joining the fair.
I visited Taipei 2 times in a week.
I have make 3 new " Máni" for Taiwan.
This time I have found that how the art market of Taiwan was made by. 
Because I was able to feel the art market of Taiwan very nearly, it was very exciting.
"Mani" was bought by the woman of the gallery in Taipei.
It is the first time that was collected overseas.
I felt very happy.
I keep do my best.


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