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Concept of Artist Work



The one of my art work's concept is "visualizing of energy".
The start of my art work is experience of 3.11.
The Electric energy is one of energy.
We had big earth quake and tunami 6 years ago.
After that we had electric problem about Fukushima.
Even it was night, we couldn't light up on street lumps.
When I looked up the street lumps, I seemed it was death mask of electric.
First my project "Máni" started from then.
We knew it's not naturally that there is always enough electric energy.
I show you that by work of  "visualizing of energy".
I want you to feel that same as your important people.
Just now, I keep making next project.
The concept of next project is also "visualizing of energy" by another approach.
I show you next project next spring.


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