Go to the hard way of the art world.

My art project is always started from inside me. The layer of grow up to ART



I think that the important point of Art is not only visual but also concept.
Just nice image could be made by just technique or technology.
But it's not until Art and it's just a image.
I think that "why"  is more important than "how" in Art.
Making Art is that I keep asking myself.  
"Why do I think so?"
"Why do I keep being interested?"
"Why do I make it Art?"
"Why do you use photography?"
It makes the concept of the project in my inside.
The most important things is to keep asking myself.
Then the concept is expanded by own experience.
I am asked by my project.
"What are you?"
"What did you experient?"
Although my project was made by own concept,
my project will leave my handand it will face the audience.
The audience watch that by free feeling. 
And they will add to new thinking to my project.
The my project that started from my inside will keep to grow up.
It is exactly "Art".
If my concept was made by deep thinking, the Art would give empathy to many audience and grow up to great.
The Art will make me to conecct the world.


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