*  Máni  is the god of the moon in Norce  mythology.  
It was at a scheduled blackout right after the 3/11   disaster that I became interested in  streetlamps  
a motif in my work.  
Looking up at the  streetlamps  that stood in town with  no light on, I was impressed by their unique figures,  which looked as if they were death masks of the electric  light, an impression I could not avoid.  
After that, irresistibly drawn to this motif of the  streetlamps , I found myself single-mindedly taking their  photographs as a portrait, overlapping those  streetlamps   with the people who had influenced me as a persona in  my life̶my family and friends, people I got help from,  and people I once gave my heart to.  
When I think back on it now, it may have been that I was  thinking about what losing the people who were  precious to us really meant.  


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