Go to the hard way of the art world.

Go to the hard way of the art world.



I’m Keiju Kita.

I have just started English blog. 
Because I’m not good English speaker, it’s very hard work.
But I decided to start this blog for next step.

I’m an artist.
I make the photographie art.
My most important work is visualize of the electric energy.

My first work is「Máni」.
I just have the exhibition in Taipei.

Thank you very much for your reading.
I’m sorry poor my English.

First, I will write one post per week.

■■Gallery Tosei : Beyond the Visibility
Date:17th June - 16th July 2017
Place:1839 Contemporary Gallery (Taipei)
Taichi Gondaira, Keiichi Ito, Satoru Watanabe, Photographer HAL, Yoshiyuki Oki, Keiju Kita



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