---Keiju Kita 2nd Photo book

My work was made from two or three AA images from different countries.
These countries have different language, culture, back ground.  
So it has different design, text of different languages that depends on each culture on the surface.  
But AA is AA in the world.  

I began to feel that the essence of our own existence was present in the images.  
I think we are just same as AA. We are all “equally human”.  

The present world situation is unstable, and the future is uncertain, because of the conflicts which arise from social differences.  
But AA+A said "Differences are OK. No problem."
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---Keiju Kita 1st Photo book

It was at a scheduled blackout right after the 3/11 disaster that I became interested in streetlamps, a motif in my work.
Looking up at the streetlamps that stood in town with no light on, I was impressed by their unique figures,
which looked as if they were death masks of the electric light, an impression I could not avoid.
After that, irresistibly drawn to this motif of the streetlamps, I found myself single-mindedly taking their photographs as a portrait, overlapping those streetlamps with the people who had influenced me as a persona in my life̶my family and friends, people I got help from, and people I once gave my heart to.
When I think back on it now, it may have been that I was thinking about what losing the people who were precious to us really meant.
* Máni is the god of the moon in Norse mythology.
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