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Máni is my first art project.
It was started from 2011.
I started to study art in Kyoto University of Art and Design in 2011.
It's start of my thinking "what is art?"
Some artist gave me the answer.
"Art is the technique to visualize own concept or deep thinking."
He is Hiroshi Sugimoto.
He is one of the most important artist in Japan.
And another one
"Art is to make visible what is not visible."
It's the words from Swiss artist Paul Klee, who later taught at the Bauhaus.
These two words made me start thinking myself.
I found most important point is not a technique but a concept.
I ask myself why do I make art?
I searched concept inside me.
6 years ago, we had a big problem.
It's big earth quake and tsunami.
And after that we had a panic of electolic energy.
We were not able to make enough electolic energy.
When I lived in near Tokyo.
For few weeks we needed a scheduled blackout right after the 3.11.
(For example, this area blackout from 7PM to 9PM.  Next that area from 9PM to 11PM...)
Even the signal did not light up.
I felt the existence of electricity for the first time since it did not light up.
We never forget this experience.
I felt I need express this experience by art.
Looking up at the streetlamps that stood in town with no light on,  
I was impressed by their unique figures, which looked as if they were death masks of the electric light, an impression I could not avoid. 
The concept want to express throughout my creation of the work is to make the invisible thing, called energy, visible by photography.
I took photographs them as portrait like people.
And I gave them personality and name that my family's name or friend's name.
When I think back on it now, it may have been that I was  
imaging about what losing the people who were precious to us really meant.


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