Artist Statement 

The reason why I began to study photography at the  
Faculty of Art and Design (Correspondence Education),  
Kyoto University of Art and Design, was that as a video  
creator I thought I could derive some gain in technique.  
I had already been working in a job that was related to  
the video production. But once I actually studied  
photography anew at the university, I realized how it  
differed from my video work in its way of making a work.  
In the video work I had been doing, the clients always had  
some basic ideas on what to express, and my job was to  
take heed of those ideas or intentions and finish up the work.  
On the other hand, when establishing myself as an artist  
who is to express something of his own, I recognized  
that I must always ask myself what to express, what I  
really want to.  
That was as if I were asked who I really was.  
In the second summer of studying photography at the  
university, I attended the lectures by my mentor, Kunihiro  
Takahashi of Tosei-sha publishing company, and learned  
about the themes and concepts of photographic works.  
After that I came to think deeply about the themes I  
wanted to express through my work and its concepts.  
Photography turned into a creation of artwork, and to  
make my work by pondering the problem of what art is  
became indispensable in my life.  
That is my self-expression as a fine art photographer.  
“Art is to make visible what is not visible”̶the words  
from Swiss artist Paul Klee, who later taught at the Bauhaus. 
The concept I want to express throughout my creation of
the work is to make the invisible thing, called energy,  
visible by photography.