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My prints of work



※Photo【 Máni| 03 Takeo  ed. 6/8】


Because it had finished our group exhibition in Taipei,

I had checked my prints of "Máni" that would exhibit in Taiwan Photo Fair and next.


Because I would like to know how many prints do I need to make in darkroom.


Some of prints in "Máni" is very popular.

One of them had sold already "ed.6/8", the next is "ed.7/8". 

I feel very appreciated for everyone loves "Máni".


Because I would present that as Art work,

I always feel heavy responsibility when I make my prints.


I think it needs to be enough for anyone think it is Art: about aesthetics, significance, quality and value worth the price.

Artist needs to feel responsible about all of them.


Because I make my prints in hard responsibility,

my prints are very beautiful.


So I'm always looking forward to show the prints to the world.


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