Go to the hard way of the art world.

The feeling about art of everyday would be the knowledge of art today.



The last my project "Mánihad many episode that made the many audience to attracte.
So I hoped next project would also have many episode.
I used over 4 years for preparing the motif and thinking concept for next project.
But I had only 2 years for that I can use for preparing for next exhibition.
I would like to give the episode to my next project, so I decided to start writing the BLOG about my artist life one and half years ago.
I thought that I must not forget any episode of the next project in this 2 years.
And I had made the only one rule.
"I write the post everyday."
【Japanese BLOG】
Now the blog has already over 500 posts.
As first it was hard work for me.
But now it would has another important mean for my artist life.
It would not become only a document of new project but also a big archive for the knowledge of art.
I search the things in my blog that I want to know.
The feeling about art of everyday would be the knowledge of art today.
Now I know that.
It makes me to get ahead to the art world.
Because I keep to write the blog everyday, I can be always thinking about art.
Now I think that the BLOG is also one of my art project.
In last month I had started the english Blog.
It's this BLOG.
It's too harder than Japanese BOLG.
But I know that in someday it will be one more my important archive.


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